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Academic Support


AVID stands for Advancement via Individual Determination. The goal of the
program is to improve college readiness for all students, especially those
traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Students must complete
the AVID application form, and upon acceptance,  enter the AVID elective which is
offered for all 4 years of high school from 9th to 12th grade. Students in the program agree
to take varying amounts of advanced coursework depending upon their grades.
All students spend time discussing college expectations, requirements, and
acceptance and receive tutoring and support in the elective for their
advanced curriculum.

For additional information, please contact Elizabeth Diaz, the career specialist.

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery is an option for students to earn course credit by retaking
a course. Academic assistance is provided through Extended Day, Extended
School Year (summer school), adult education (co-enrolled), and APEX
(online). Credit recovery (APEX) is an online, school-based program
available at no cost. Students work at their own pace.

Students who received a “D” or an “F” grade in a course may retake the
course and receive forgiveness for the poor grade if the new grade is a “C”
or higher. This will replace the old grade and will boost the student’s
cumulative grade point average.

Students should contact their school counselor to get registered. Counselors
for each grade level are found in the Contact Student Services section here.

Graduation Enhancement Teachers

Students who are “off-track” to meet the requirements for a standard high
school diploma may be experiencing barriers such as credit deficiencies,
absenteeism or a low-grade point average.

Graduation enhancement teachers closely monitor “off track” student’s
academic performance and attendance; communicate with parents; and assist
students with postsecondary placement plans. In order to contact a GHS
graduation coach, please click on one of the following links:

School Counselors

School counselors support students’ academic success by:

  • Leading development of a safe and caring school culture
  • Delivering a school counseling program based on data identifying
    student needs
  • Delivering information to students and teachers within the school
    counseling curriculum (i.e., learning strategies, self-management
    skills, social skills)
  • Working with administration, teachers, and other school staff to create
    a school environment encouraging academic success and striving to one’s
  • Working to remove barriers to access and provide students with the
    opportunity for an academic challenge in the most rigorous coursework
  • Establishing data analysis methods to identify and target systemic
    barriers deterring equitable access
  • Providing opportunities for students to see value in tasks related to
    achievement develop learning goals.

Students are encouraged to contact their school counselor related to
their academic planning and success concerns (see Contact Student Services list of grade-level Counselors.)


Tutoring is available for students during lunches (by appointment) and after school.  Click here for the current tutoring flyer. For more information contact Alice Hunt, Student Services Secretary, or visit Student Services.



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