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Student schedules, emergency cards, and parent consent forms will be available via the parent portal on 7/31/24.  Create a parent portal at https://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/parents.

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What is Dual Enrollment?

  The Dual enrollment is designed for academically talented students who want to accelerate their college careers. Dual enrollment can help offset college expenses for families, shorten the time it takes to earn a degree, and allow qualified students to reduce their course-load per term when they attend college full time.

Dual enrollment students receive both high school and college credit upon successful completion of a dual enrollment course. Common Placement Testing Students wishing to enter the dual enrollment program must demonstrate college readiness by submitting sufficient common placement test scores, including the PERT, SAT, or ACT. The reading and writing scores must place students in at least English Composition I, and the math score must place them into at least college-level math (Math for Liberal Arts and/or College Algebra). Students who score into Intermediate Algebra on their math section may dual enroll, but will be limited to 12 credit hours until sufficient scores are provided, or until a grade of C or higher is earned in Intermediate Algebra. Students may refer to the Student Testing and Placement Chart at the link to determine which scores would be needed for each test and the corresponding placement in each course. Information regarding common placement testing and scheduling the PERT at PHSC can be found online.

Step 1 - Complete the Online Dual Enrollment Admissions Application

New dual enrollment students must complete the online Dual Enrollment Admissions Application for Charter and Public School Students. Previous dual enrollment students who were not enrolled in the last 12 months, must also complete the online application. Apply Here

Step 2 - Read Step-By-Step Guide for Dual Enrollment

For Pasco County Students Only: Follow this guide to help you apply for enrollment at PHSC.  Dual Enrollment Guide .

Step 3 - Log in to the Dual Enrollment Online Request Form

The myPHSC username and default password are needed to log in to the Dual Enrollment Online Request Form. If the student has never changed their password to their myPHSC account the student must: • Log into WISE to obtain myPHSC username and default password. • Change the default password using the Self Service Password Reset System (SSPR).

Step 4 - Complete the Dual Enrollment Request Form

Student must complete the Dual Enrollment Request Form for Charter and Public Schools online by the deadline provided by their school district.  Information regarding dual enrollment online request will be sent to your PHSC email. It is the responsibility of students to check their PHSC email account regularly. For further assistance please contact:

  • myPHSC Help Desk at 727-816-3311or email helpdesk@phsc.edu
  • The Information Center at 727-847-2727

Step 5 - Parent(s) must Provide Permission for Student to Participate

Parent(s) receive an email notification and must log in to the Dual Enrollment Online Request Form and digitally sign the Terms and Conditions for their child’s participation in the Dual Enrollment Program by the established deadline provided by the school district.

Step 6 - High School Counselor Processes Request here

Student’s high school counselor processes the Dual Enrollment Online Request Form and submits supporting documentation by the established deadline provided by the school district.

Step 7 - Student Receives Email Notification of Acceptance Status

Students will receive an email notification from a PHSC Academic Advisor of approved/disapproved courses by the deadline established by the school district. This notification will be sent to the student’s PHSC email only. • Student can access their student email account after logging in to the myPHSCportal

Step 8 - Student Must Complete the Dual Enrollment Online Orientation and Online Readiness Course.

The following must be completed prior to Step 9 of Course Registration: • Online New Student Orientation must be completed prior to registering for any classes. • Online Readiness Course must be completed in advance of enrolling in any online courses. Go to myPHSC student portal. If this is your first time logging into your myPHSC account, please use the WISE link at the bottom of the myPHSC student portal page for assistance. You will log in to your WISE account with either your PHSC student ID number or Social Security number and your personal identification number (P.I.N.) Find the myPHSC login information on the WISE homepage. Once you have noted the login information, return to the myPHSC student portal and log in. Click on Canvas, after you have successfully entered the myPHSC portal. In Canvas, the New Student Orientation and the Online Readiness Courses can be found under the ‘Courses’ tab. You will access the New Student Orientation and the Online Readiness Courses by logging into myPHSC and going to Canvas.

Step 9 - Student Registers for Approved Courses

Student logs in to WISE and registers for the approved courses to be taken online with PHSC, or on a PHSC campus.


School Counselors

9th Grade (A-L last names): Elizabeth Behner, Counselor – ebehner@pasco.k12.fl.us

9th Grade (M-Z last names): Angela Cotney, Counselor – acotney@pasco.k12.fl.us

10th Grade: Holly Askins, Counselor – haskins@pasco.k12.fl.us

11th Grade: Angela Cotney, Counselor – acotney@pasco.k12.fl.us

12th Grade: Allyson Halilic, Counselor – ahalilic@pasco.k12.fl.us 

IB: Elizabeth Behner, Counselor – ebehner@pasco.k12.fl.us 

Guidance Secretary: Mrs. Alice Hunt – ajhunt@pasco.k12.fl.us