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Student schedules, emergency cards, and parent consent forms will be available via the parent portal on 7/31/24.  Create a parent portal at https://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/parents.

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Next week will be our last week of classes for the school year. It’s a busy time but still a time for learning. Therefore, our expectations are:

  • Students attend on time each day to each class. The the late bell rings at 7:10am – be here early!
  • NO BACKPACKS OR BOOKBAGS on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Complete all school work as per the teacher’s requirements for each class.
  • Make sure you have returned all books, resources, technology, and uniforms for NJROTC and athletics.
  • Pay for anything that you have lost.
  • Place unwanted paper in the recycle bins.
  • Students scheduled for state end-of-course exams must show up on time and do their very best. Any later-comers must go to the Media Center for guidance.
  • There are no exemptions to state exams. All students must take the state exams for their courses (ex. English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, US History, Civic Literacy). We have scheduled these days for make up testing.
  • Students must remain in their scheduled classroom or testing room until officially dismissed.
  • No one may roam the campus, be in unauthorized locations, or ask to be sent to another teacher’s classroom.
  • Everyone must behave in a respectful, dignified manner. Any misbehavior will lead to disciplinary consequences.
  • No improper use of cell phones. These will be confiscated for parent/guardian pick up.
  • Parents must talk to their student about not committing any pranks, mischief, or bringing toys and other unauthorized items to school.
  • We will present important lessons throughout the week and expect students to be focused on learning.

By adhering to these expectations, we will all enjoy an excellent conclusion to our school year. Thank you!