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Congratulations to the following girls who will be representing GHS on the girls soccer teams! Separation of the teams will be made following Homecoming week. The following girls should report to practice tomorrow from 2:00-4:00 (unless they are involved in a fall sport).

Dianna Desiderio
Jallany Pena
Jessica Davis
Victauria Chapman
Alessa Scicolone
Annmarie Ravenscroft
Kaitlin DesRoberts
Cheyenne Dodd
Mirinda Tanner
Kaylee Mattiace
Alex Carter
Casey James
Morgan Jehlen
Megan Perlmutter
Soleidy Ramos
Alexis Keough
Mary Jane Stouffer
Ashley Butler
Talia Anile
Jenna Short
Jaclyn Rooney
Danielle Desiderio
Emily Stacey
Kayla Cordero
Bojana Dolinic
Angela Valdez
Alyssa Riddle
Gabriella Esparza
Alexia Aguirre
Marija Travoric
Daisy Lara
Summer Miller