When Michaela Goad graduated in June, she was the fifth (and last) Goad to graduate from Gulf High School. It’s probably not an all-time record, but no one can remember more brothers and sisters from the same family graduating.  The picture below shows:

Michaela, who just graduated from GHS and will attend UCF in the fall to study Nursing.

Christa, who will graduate from UF with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education in 2 years.

Nate, who is married and works as the Portfolio Manager at ARS Wealth Advisors in St. Petersburg. They are expecting their first child in December.

Tiffany, who works as communication administrator at Summit Church in Orlando.

Danielle, who lives in Tampa, working as Accounting Manager for Jasper Ecotech LLC. She is married with two children, Corey (6) and K.C. (3).