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Photo at left: Gulf’s Technology Specialist David Wolf inspects a computer on the network.

Classrooms at Gulf High School are getting a technology upgrade at the start of the new school year. All classrooms now have telephones, and computers are in the process of being connected to the school’s network.

Until this year, only certain classrooms had phones. Effective with the first day of school, the new telephone system became operational and all classrooms have NEC D-Term Series E phones.

Teachers welcome the new phones, as they make it easier to contact parents and communicate during an emergency.

The best time for parents to call teachers is between 2 and 3 p.m., after classes have ended. Parents should call the main Gulf High School number, and the office personnel will forward the call to the proper classroom. Direct calls from off-campus to individual classrooms are blocked (you will get a busy signal) to prevent interruptions to teaching.

The wiring of the computer network to all the classrooms has been completed, and Gulf’s Instructional Technology Specialist David Wolf is now in the process of connecting at least one computer in each classroom to the network. As more teachers are able to send and receive email from their classrooms, their email addresses will be added to the faculty pages of the website, to provide another way for parents to communicate with teachers.