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The 2017 valedictorians and salutatorians have been announced.

The valedictorian is Sabina Ramic and the salutatorian is Christopher Hamilton (top picture).

The IB valedictorian is Darya Kozhevnikova (center). The two IB salutatorians are Janelle Tanghal (left) and Sonia Panjabi.

Ms. Davis made the announcement on the Gulf High Morning News today and introduced the five students.

An unusual coincidence is that the brothers of the two girls who are tied for salutatorian this year were tied for salutatorian in 2015.

We asked each of the students to give us some biographical information.

Full Name: Dasha Kozhevnikova

Name of Parents: Sergey Kozhevnikov and Marianna Kozhevnikova

City where you live: New Port Richey, Florida

Where were you born? Moscow, Russia

Where did you grow up? Sacramento, California and New Port Richey, Florida

Schools attended before Gulf High School: Trinity Elementary School, Seven Springs Middle School

College you hope to attend: University of California, Berkeley

Intended Major: Computer Science

Career: Systems Architect, Software Engineering

Awards: Two Sobresaliente Awards in the Florida State Spanish Conference (FSSC); All-County Pasco Cheerleader

Clubs you belong to: President of Math Honor Society, Vice-President of Interact Club, Vice-President of Environmental Club, Varsity Cheerleading Captain; member of: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, History Honor Society, Science Honor Society, English Honor Society

What you most liked about GHS: I will always remember the adventures I experienced with my IB family, and the amazing teachers that have supported us through our time in the program.

Full name: Sonia Jay Panjabi

Name of parents: Sejal Panjabi and Jimmy Panjabi

City where you live: Hudson

Where were you born: Spring Hill, Florida

Where did you grow up? Spring Hill and Hudson (moved when I was 7)

Schools attended before Gulf High: Spring Hill Elementary, Gulf Highlands Elementary, Bayonet Point Middle School

College you hope to attend, intended major: As of now it is the University of Florida but I am waiting to here back from a few other out-of-state colleges. Biomedical Engineering or History (not 100% sure).

Awards: Anne Frank Humanitarian Award; Commended Student by National Merit, National AP Scholar, Pasco Youth Leadership Graduate

Clubs you belong to: President of Interact Club, President of National Honor Society, Vice President of Student Govt. Executive Board, Treasurer of History Honor and Science Honor, Reporter of FBLA, played tennis junior year, I have been dancing Traditional Indian dance for 10 years.

What you most liked about GHS: Despite all of the sleepless nights, I enjoyed being a part of the IB program, mainly because of the teachers. All of the IB teachers truly care about what is going on in our lives and they want us to do our best. Mrs. Stoj has especially been a major influence in my life since I’ve had her for 3 years in a row and because she is not afraid to tell me when I need to get my life together and stop slacking. Mr. Uchacz and Ms. Ledman also always check up on me and give me advice on life.

Full name: Janelle Iris Tanghal

Name of parents: Jay and Charisse Tanghal

City where you live: Hudson

Where were you born? Manila, Philippines

Where did you grow up? I lived in the Philippines until I was about 8 years old then we immigrated to Hudson, Florida.

Schools attended before Gulf High: Hudson/ Northwest/ Moonlake Elementary, Hudson Middle

College you hope to attend, intended major: On track to attend UF as a microbiology major on a pre-med track. Waiting to hear on UPenn decisions but most likely going to be a gator. Hopefuly I’ll be a surgeon when I grow up.

Awards/ Achievements: AP Scholar with Distinction and National AP Scholar

Clubs you belong to: FBLA (President), National History Honors Society (VP), French Honors Society (Historian), National Honors Society, National Math Honors Society, National English Honors Society, National Science Honors Society, Interact

Interests: Art (drawing/painting), playing guitar, cooking/baking

What you most liked about GHS: The one thing that I’ll always appreciate about GHS is its diversity. The school is very accepting and open about others. My favorite teachers are Mrs. Stoj, who’s basically the mom, Mrs. Ferry, the cool aunt you gossip with, Mr. Donaldson, the cool uncle who laughs at his own jokes, and Mr. Uchacz, your aunt’s foreign friend giving you some tough love.

We’ll add information about the other two students as soon as we receive it.