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The NJROTC program at Gulf High School is available to students from their freshman through senior years. The NJROTC program teaches self-discipline, self-confidence, promotes citizenship, an ability to lead and motivate others, and builds a well-rounded character. The Naval Science curriculum at Gulf High School can be taken all four years while in school as an elective. It consists of formal classroom training supplemented by orientation visits, competitions teams, and field trips to various naval activities to enhance classroom studies.


The student/cadet, your son or daughter. Like most young adults, cadets strive to prepare themselves for the future. NJROTC can help students enhance their study habits, prepare for college and those who are competing for either an ROTC scholarship or an appointment to the Naval Academy or to other service academies.

The Navy provides all books, drill equipment, and uniforms at no cost. However, there is a $15.00 fee for the cadets and they get a green NJROTC t-shirt that we use to perform community service and travel

For actively participating cadets, probably the greatest benefit is growth and development into better, informed, more responsible citizens. Cadets receive one elective credit for each year of Naval Science completed. Cadets must have successfully completed the previous year in order to advance to the next. Subject credits could affect the following:


  • Enlistment at Advanced Pay Grade
  • Naval Academy Nominations
  • NROTC Scholarship
  • Other Service Academy -Appointments/ ROTC Scholarships
The NJROTC school week is normally divided into the academic study with classroom work, uniform inspections, outside Close-Order and Manual – of – Arms Drill, physical fitness training, and testing, field trips, and other-than- routine instructional classroom work.

The Naval Science classes are largely an extension of science, social studies, history, and mathematics with naval applications. (Uniforms are to be worn on designated uniform days (Wednesday) unless otherwise scheduled in the Plan of the Week.

The key to success in Gulf’s NJROTC program is involved in activities. There are several ways for cadets to become involved in the unit by doing extra-curriculum activities:

Drill Team – made up of cadets who are interested in the sharpness and precision developed by close order drill and the Manual of Arms.

Color Guard– consists of four to five cadets that are expected to present the Colors at various school and local events.

Academic Team – made up of cadets who are particularly interested in academic achievement and who are willing to work hard to represent the Unit in NJROTC competitions and competitive postal exams.

Athletic Team– made up of cadets who are athletically oriented and are willing to work hard to become more physically fit and conditioned to represent the Unit in competitive NJROTC field competitions throughout the State.

Community Service – available to cadets who wish to assist in various community activities in order to help obtain their required hours for scholarships.

Training and Education Opportunities – consist of activities such as first-year cadets mini-boot camp, Basic Leadership Training, Senior Leadership Academy, and Boys / Girls State.

Orientation – Outdoor activity designed to boost a Cadet’s understanding of land navigation.

Promotion / Advancement in the NJROTC Unit is based upon demonstrated performance. Students start at Seaman Recruits and each individual has the opportunity to promote as if this was a job, and can promote up to the highest position of the Unit Commanding Officer.

Basic standards of promotion and advancement are:

  • Attendance
  • Physical Condition
  • Respect of Authority
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA with no failing grades
  • Passing Grade on Assessment Test
Cadets will be able to earn various awards and participate in many ceremonies throughout the school year. Awards consist of ribbons, cords, medals, and graduation cord. Ceremonies include morning and evening Colors, Company parades, and presenting the Colors at various community events and school athletic events. The Unit undergoes an annual inspection conducted by the NJROTC Area 7 Manager or his/her representative. The inspection plays an important part in the national selection process for Distinguished Unit designation. 
The NJROTC Parent Assistance group of parents and guardians organized to help the Cadet program. The Parent Assistance raises money to assist with cadets to attend field drill meets and other unit needs. An NJROTC physical fitness test and picnic are normally held each semester. An immediate family member of Cadets is encouraged to attend. The picnics are a great way to get to know each other and to show support for the unit. In addition, the cadets are presented with unit awards. Parent Assistance is encouraged to meet once a month. Membership is open to anyone who wanted to assist in supporting Cadets with a rewarding NJROTC experience.

Gulf High School NJROTC

5355 School Rd. New Port Richey, FL 34652

Phone: (727) 774-3300

Commander John A. McGuire, Ret jmcguire@pasco.k12.fl.us                            Chief Jose N. Rodriguez, Ret – jnrodrig@pasco.k12.fl.us

Any student participating in NJROTC will be required to complete the following documents

***Please download all the forms listed below.***

1. FHSAA EL2 Physical (Same form that is on the Athletics website): must include doctor’s stamp, signature, and date on page 2. Make sure the CLEARED WITHOUT LIMITATIONS box has been checked by your physician.

2. COVID 19 Waiver signed by your parent/guardian.

3. Cadet Participation Consent Health Risk Screening Questionnaire and Standard Release Form.

4. Once completed, please turn in a copy of the entire packet.

Cadet Health Risk Screening NJROTC Standard Release Athletic Packet for NJROTC