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As we move into Semester 2, we remind you that our school day will begin at 8:10am (late bell for 1st period). Buses will run on a different time schedule starting January 4, 2022. Here is some helpful information to assist you in learning about your student’s transportation plan:

  • Bus passes are in myStudent as of the afternoon of December 8. Families received a SchoolMessenger call on 12/8 from Transportation with bus pass information if they have been assigned a bus pass. Families should call their garage if they were expecting a bus pass and but did not have it assigned.
  • The Transportation Call Center will be open beginning Monday, January 3, 2022 (Planning Day) for bus pass questions during normal business hours (8-4:30) and from 6-10 am and 2-6 pm Tuesday through Friday (January 4-7, 2022).
  • January 4 will be like the first day of school again for transportation and we will have safety precautions just like we have during the first two weeks of school in August. This means we will be running behind schedule these first two weeks due to these important safety precautions just we are at the beginning of each school year.