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As we prepare to celebrate our seniors’ graduation from Gulf High School, it is important to remain focused on all the good things like their outstanding accomplishments and the future opportunities that are in store. Our seniors have made us proud as they fulfilled requirements to lead to commencement and their upcoming roles as college students, vocational tradespersons, members of the armed forces, and so much more.

So we may be together in June to cheer them all on, I remind students not to ruin this by engaging in “senior pranks.”

I ask every family to speak to your student about not committing any pranks. Doing so will ruin what should be a time for the student, family, and school to celebrate together. Some students may think pranks are funny, but in reality, they cause damage, disrespect, and extra work for staff members who need to address the issues and mess created.

If anyone commits a prank, we will apply these consequences: You will not be permitted to take part in senior events; and you will not be permitted to attend or walk at graduation. Further, any pranks that violate the law will mean arrest by the New Port Richey Police Department. For any such crimes against Gulf High School, I will seek prosecution for financial restitution.

Let’s have a fun, safe, and meaningful end to the school year and our seniors’ high school career. We look forward to all becoming proud alumni of GHS.