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Norm Kolar, Gulf High School’s plant manager, will retire at the end of the school year.

Mr. Kolar began working at Gulf High School as the assistant plant manger on July 1, 1993. He became plant manager about two years later.

He describes his job as “doing whatever it takes to keep the school operating — health, safety, and environment.” Mr. Kolar also has taught custodial school at Marchman for 10 years, and serves on the school district’s plant manager committee and other committees.

Before coming to Gulf High School, Mr. Kolar worked in plumbing for 32 years. He was born in Cleveland in 1942. His wife Carol was employed at Cotee River Elementary School until she retired recently. Their daughter is Jennifer Wilson, who is a teacher in the Czech Republic with her husband. Their son Christopher, who graduated from Gulf High in 1987, was killed in an automobile accident in 1997.

Mr. Kolar plans to pursue hunting and fishing during his retirement and will be moving to Live Oak. He and his wife bought a home on five acres there.