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Santa Claus made a surprise visit to the Winter Concert tonight to give Mr. Rutherford a new trumpet to replace his old trumpet, which was stolen from the band room in October. Mr. Rutherford said that his missing trumpet did not have much market value as a used instrument, but had much sentimental value to him, as it was purchased for him by his mother when he was a junior in high school and he had used it through high school and college and as a teacher at Gulf High School. The trumpet, a Yamaha YTR-6000, was purchased for $1400 in 1986. The new trumpet, which is a similar model, was purchased secretly by members of the band with help from parents, members of the community, and Mr. Knobl. Mr. Rutherford said he had never felt a need to lock up his trumpet, but that he will do so now. The old trumpet disappeared when the band room was being used for FCAT testing.