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Troy LaBarbara, who has taught at Gulf for 15 years, will be leaving to become an assistant principal in Hernando County.

Mr. LaBarbara will be the assistant principal for ESE and eleventh grade at Central High School in Brooksville.

He said that he will miss Gulf High School and had hoped to become an administrator in Pasco County, but that this position opened first. Mr. LaBarbara and his wife, who teaches Language Arts at Gulf, live in Spring Hill. Mrs. LaBarbara will remain at Gulf.

Troy LaBarbara joined the Gulf faculty at the start of the 1994-95 school year. This year he was the JPTS teacher for ESE. Before coming to Gulf, he taught one year at Dowdell Junior High School in Hillsborough County. Mr. LaBarbara was born in Islip, N. Y. He graduated from Springstead High School in 1988. He attended FSU and USF.