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The 8th annual GHS Model Congress was held on April 5. It passed four bills: “Make the penny worth a penny”proposing the penny be altered to zinc-plated steel that costs .97 cents (current pennies cost 2 cents each to produce); a bill to reduce the impact of carbon emission and develop nuclear energy as a safe alternative to fossil fuels; Finished with Fur to ease in fur trapping as an industry; and, yep, legalize recreational marijuana on the federal level, regulated like alcohol and to provide education on the effects of marijuana.

Speaker of the House Kris Stolarczyk opened the Model Congress and introduced Model Congress President Joseph De Marco. The president’s theme was unity and helping each other deal with issues to create a more unified, rather than divisive, atmosphere in the country and government on all levels. The Vice President (President of the Senate) was Katrina Enoch, President Pro-tem of the Senate was Alexis Beucler, and House Majority Leader was Madison Kistler. They ran the votes on the floor of each house, along with the Speaker.

More pictures from the Model Congress are at flickr here.