Class of 2007

Name: Julie Theiler email
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Port Richey, FL
Date: Aug. 19, 2016

Name: Jason Wycherley email
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Mildenhall, Suffolk, UK
Date: Dec. 10, 2014
Comments: Hey all, lately I've been thinking back to our high school days together and it brings back a lot of great memories. Happened to swing by the GHS site to see a lot of your entries which is exciting to see! Thinking and wishing you all the best!

Name: David Ackley email
Class of: 2007
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Dec. 10, 2013
Comments: I am married and have two dogs name cuddles and lukcus. I have AA and AS and working on BS Medical Billing.

Name: Shannon Sawyer (grubb) email
Class of: 2007
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Nov. 18, 2013
Comments: Hello class of 2007. Just wanted to see how everyone is doing. I am well I married Adam Sawyer and we are having a baby girl in january. I also have a three year old son named Giovanni. 🙂 Missing the high school days. Man to think when I was in high school how I could not wait to not have to go to school. I wish those days would come back. Life was so much easier! But I have to say I am very happy and have a wonderful loving husband and family. Can't wait till we all get together again and see how life has been to everyone! Hope all is well with everyone! 🙂

Name: Kathryn (Herbert-Carr) Manila email
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Port Richey
Comments: Hey guys.

Hope all is well with you. I just got married to my lady of 5 years on August 2nd, 2013 to a c/o '06 graduate. Everything is going well. I'm still in the area, even thoigh I've moved from Holiday to Hudson and several places in between since graduation. Find me on Facebook for more. Be safe everyone. 🙂

Until next time.


Name: Margaret Stevens (Orta) email
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Port Richey
Date: July 17, 2013
Comments: Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a quick update here. Ben Stevens and I got married in 2008. We bought a house in Port Richey and work in Tampa. Check us out on Facebook to see what we are currently up too.

Name: Jason Coker email
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Tampa
Date: Feb. 26, 2013
Comments: What's going on everyone? Not sure what drove me to swing by the GHS website, but why not. I'm still living in Tampa and STILL working at Busch Gardens. Hope everyone is well.

Name: Christina Patrick email
Class of: 2007
Now living in: NPR
Date: Nov. 12, 2012
comments = i miss Highschool more then ever.. you don't know what you have until its gone.. including your hs memories… im in college to become a paralegal. I still live in NPR. those of you who still live here and remember the good ol' times we had in HS never forget it. I still look back at pictures from homecoming and prom.. good times.. I miss everyone and the times we had. Everyone who is still in school.. don't let it get to your head. Keep the friends and memories you have close to your heart.. it ends so quickly. I was a cheerleader, and had so many great times with all the ppl i thought id never have to let go.. Times flies and friends come and go. It's not easy but remember.. HS is the BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!! 🙂

Name: Kendra Boersen email
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Lancaster, PA
Date: Aug. 20, 2012

Name: cody collier email
Class of: 2007
Now living in: tampa, florida
Date: July 24, 2011

Name: Mercedes Navarro email
Class of: 2007 BABY!!!!!!!!
Now living in: Hudson, FL
Date: July 18, 2011

Name: brian christopher macwatters facebook
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Tacoma WA
Date: July 6, 2010
Comments: U.S. Army at ft.lewis WA. MOS 19D. rank CPL.

Name: cody collier facebook
Class of: 2007
Now living in: tampa fl
Date: Feb. 21, 2010
Comments: [You may need to be signed in to facebook for the above link to work. -jm]

Name: Jesse Jecusco facebook
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Gainesville
Date: Dec. 1, 2009
Comments: Just got into UF for Spring 2010. Getting married in October.

Name: Melissa Bagley
Class of: 2007
Now living in: NewPortrichey, fl
Date: July 31, 2009
Comments: Gosh. Has it been two years already. i feel so old compared from two years ago.

Name: Sashe Agnew
Class of: 07′
Now living in: Decatur, AL
Date: Dec. 17, 2008
Comments: hey once again have moved back to alabama. I am now a General Manager at Uhaul. I love every thing I do here. The environment is fun and so are my co-workers. 🙂 I sure do miss Ya’ll down there. Maybe when I go on vacation I will be able to come visit. Well gotta get back to the wonderful job. 🙂

Much Love,
Sashe’ Agnew

Name: Alisha Maxey
Class of: 2007
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Aug 6, 2008
Comments: Heyyy! =]]

Just wanted to say hey to everyone. Hoping to hear from all of you soon. I am currently enrolled at PHCC and am in the Army Reserves… stationed out of St Pete. Hope all is well with everyone. Email me!

Name: Dylan Gallagher
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Kansas
Date: Jul 25, 2008
Comments: Hey everyone, most of you know me as a long haired hippie slacker. But im now currently in the Army. If any of you remember me let me know how you are doing, just send me an e-mail. PEACE

Name: vinh le
Class of: 2007
Now living in: tampa
Date: Jul 10, 2008
Comments: Yo everybody. This is Vinh saying hi to everybody. most of you know me as vinh le the teppanyaki chef that works at kobe. But thats all gone now because they fired me from kobe, and im about to be deported back to vietnam. So if anybody wants to say their final farewell to me then hit me up at

Name: Casey Hugler
Class of: 2007!!!
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Jun 8, 2008
Comments: I cant believe its been a year since we graduated! I miss goin to ghs…but now I am in school to be a dental assistant at central florida!i graduate this october. then goin to phcc or spc to be a dental hygientist.. i miss all my old friends!i hope all you guys are doing great!

Name: Janelle Gordon
Class of: 2007 BABY!!!!!!!!
Now living in: brooksville
Date: Jun 3, 2008
Comments: hows everyone doin??? well im great never been better! im living back wit mom and dad 4 now….hurray, im startin at phcc and transfering to usf, can u believe im goin to be science major. im currently with Ryan Robinson, a memerable caracter at gulf ….while he was there lol (he got his hand stuck in the soda machine lmao) man i love that kid so much!!! im completely satisfied and happy with my life.

Name: Ashley Stone
Class of: 2007
Now living in: New port richey
Date: May 11, 2008
Comments: Hey there whats everyone up to. Im good going to school at spc for nursing. John and i are still together 2 years and 4 months, actually were engaged now. He asked me to marry him on Feb 1 the night before he left for his first deployment so im going to be an army wife now and i love it more than anything and would not change anything for the world. Hes in Iraq right now for 15 months. Im doing ok when he gets home we will be buying our first house together. I should be finishing school up in the next 3 semesters. Everything is going pretty good. Bye for now

Name: Brittany Whitacre
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Ohio
Date: May 10, 2008
Comments: I moved my senior year but i am still a buccaneer even though i didnt graduate with the class, which i still consider my graduating class. =]

Name: Kristi Ziarko
Class of: 2007
Now living in: florida/rhode island
Date: Apr 28, 2008
Comments: hey hey hey guys! its your class vp! decided to see how everyone is. hope everyone is doing well. i just recently moved to rhode island. its pretty cool. ill be back to florida soon im sure. i miss everyone. when i come down to visit we should have some kind of mini reunion thing somewhere to catch up! and by the way class of 2007 definitely was the best class in ghs history! =]

Name: Michele DiBiasi
Class of: 2007
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Apr 4, 2008
Comments: Heyy hey! I decided to take a look at the site and found this..Pretty sweet. I hope everyone is doing great! Im at phcc for right now and still living at home of course =] Im still working at publix and David and I r going on 2 years together ! I also recently bought myself a 2008 hyundai Tiburon gt =] I hope everyone is doing good and they r happy =] see ya around! xo

Name: chelsea jessup
Class of: 2007
Now living in: new port richey
Date: Feb 23, 2008
Comments: just wanted to stop by and tell everyone im doing great! i moved out of mommy and daddys house! im on my own! i love it! sumtime soon im going to stop in and see my old teachers again.

Name: Jesse Kaselitz
Class of: 2007
Now living in: Holiday
Date: Feb 9, 2008
Comments: Hey! Whats everyone doin now that there outta high school? Still liven with your mommys?? Because I Know I am!! well for now lol Im just taken some classes at PHCC right now keepen it gangsta as S@#$, I dont really know what I want to do yet, not exactly the easyiest decision. Hit me up on myspace. Just search the name. Its on private to protect me from all the preditors. =D Keep it fresh Payce.

Name: Kathryn Herbert-Carr
Class of: 2007
Now living in: NPR for now.
Date: Jan 7, 2008
Comments: Thinking back on highschool… I’m glad i proved people wrong and pushed through the rest of my time there. Anyway, I’m still in NPR, but I’m taking classes down at SPC Tarpon. I had to get out of the county in some way. haha. Who knows what life will bring us all. Hopfully it’s all on the positive side of the spectrum. Good luck to my fellow class members and those before us.