Class of 2006


Name: Tom Anziani email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Holiday, FL
Date: March 8, 2016
Comments: Hey what’s up everyone! Hope everyone’s been doing good these past 10 years. Hard to believe our reunion is right around the corner. Does anyone have any info on where and when our reunion is? Can’t wait to see everyone again soon!

Name: Ashlie Lynn email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Palm Harbor
Date: Feb. 13, 2016
Comments: Hey all,

Wondering if/when the 10 yr reunion will be?
Also, where it will be held.

Any information greatly appreciated!


Name: amanda heineman email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: hudson fl
Date: April 9, 2015
Comments: Hey everyone most have children now

whens our 10 yr reunion

Name: Mandy Everett email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: mason city Iowa
Date: Dec. 24, 2014
Comments: Wow two year an it'll be ten years sence we all graduated from GHS . How is every one ?

Name: Ashlie Lynn email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Safety Harbor, FL
Date: May 13, 2014
Comments: Hey guys! 2 years till a reunion! Ahh! Come find me on Facebook!

Name: Admira email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: miami
Date: Nov. 27, 2013
Comments: Hi guys I hope everyone is doing well in life happy and healthy…

Name: Brittany Johnson email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Tennessee
Date: March 19, 2013
Comments: I would have graduated in 2006 but I moved to TN right after freshman year.

Name: Carlos martinez email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Clearwater, FL
Date: May 15, 2012
Comments: Time flies by. Currently assistant director of a security company and looking to go into law enforcement soon. My last update was not written by me.

Name: Davis Lafferty email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Knoxville, TN
Date: April 28, 2012
Comments: hey ghs alumni page. glad to see we actually have one of these. shortly after my time at ghs, i moved to chattanooga,TN and attended the university of tennessee @ chattanooga majoring in chemistry and minoring in music education.i graduated from UTC in the fall of 2010. as far as a career goes, im currently the fleet logistics supervisor for enterprise holdings of east tennesee in knoxville.

Name: Brandi Johnson email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Kissimmee/Orlando Fl
Date: April 14, 2011
Comments:Hey everyone lil update here ! I said last time no boyfriend fiance or kids! I now have a 14 month old lil girl !! Her father and I really have our hands full with her shes such a lil diva,. 14 months old and obsessed with shoes lol.. get at me if you wanna KIT

Name: Kevin Burkett email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Colorado
Date: Nov. 30, 2010
Comments: Whoa, seems like time has flown by since graduation. Moved to Grand Junction, Colorado in Sept.’08 to visit some family and experience the mountains.

Took a few dives with several jobs in ’09

Then started a career in culinary arts learning under one of the countries top Executive Chefs at Gateway Canyons Resort in Gateway, Colorado.

The resort was built and owned by John Hendricks, owner and founder of the Discovery Channel in 2005 and is slowly making its way up the ranks to becoming one of the countries best.

Though right now I’m up around 10,000′ at Copper Mountain Resort for the winter months while Gateway takes its slow season.

Name: Cindy Padro
Class of: 2006
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Oct. 27, 2010
Comments: Wow how time flies. It seems like just yesterday that we were all in our senior class rooms driving our teachers NUTS 🙂 Miss u all, between the greatest teachers, administrators, and friends, there is not one day that goes by that i dont think of reliving our high school days ! miss u guys ! Hope you are all doing great in your lives NOW THAT WERE GROWN AND DONT HAVE TO SIT IN ISS ANYMORE! lol

Name: amanda heineman email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: hudson florida
Date: Oct. 14, 2010
Comments: so wied how time flys its been 4 almost 5 yrs since we all graduated wow hope everyones good i no i am i have a 2 yr old daughter

Name: Danielle Florey email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Jacksonville, AL/ New Port Richey, FL
Date: Oct. 9, 2010
Comments: It is crazy looking back at high school now. In a way I miss being young, but I do love how things have went in life and it’s great to see how my classmates are doing! Cant wait till the first class reunion! 🙂

Name: Lathena Cox email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Milledgeville, Ga
Date: July 16, 2010
Comments: Hey wow its been a long time i cant believe its been this long!! it seems like just yesterday we were all carless kids worring about all the unimportant things in life ( well some of us) hope all is well with everyone! good luck with the future see you all at the reunion!

Name: “Metal” Mike Hays email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: June 10, 2010
Comments: Still Shredding solo’s across the fretboard of life, and literally shredding solo’s as well(Megadeth & Metallica of course!). Music is my life and that will never change…

Name: Jennifer Zasimovitch email
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Hudson
Date: April 20, 2010
Comments: Just dug up my senior pics the other day and they made me think of this place….WOW, time flies! Seems like I graduated from highschool just yesterday and now I’m getting my Bachelor’s degree in 2 weeks! Starting on my Master’s Degree this summer for Speech Language Pathology…I’m at USF and commute…life after highschool hasn’t been fascinating just way more work and way more school…no boyfriend/kids (no time for that yet but eventually, maybe). Hope everyone is doing well! 🙂

Name: bennet seybold
Class of: 2006
Now living in: vancouver, WA
Date: Jan. 13, 2009
Comments: hey guys hope everyone is doing good, it sounds like everyone is but im living up here in washington state with my fiance’ and soon to be baby girl her names gonna be annessa morgan seybold. Were both in the military as 68m for the non military people who dont know what that is we are nutritionists for the united states army well thats all for now be safe everyone and if you wanna get in touch with me just email me or look me up on talk at yall later

Class of: 2006
Now living in: orlando, fl
Date: Jan. 10, 2009
Comments: hey everyone jus stoppin through to say hey… i left my 10th grde year but would have graduated with you all… i was in gulf middle from 6-8th and gulf high for 9th and lil bit of 10th grade so i remember most of you… as soon as i left I graduated through homeschool. so i really graduated 04… ive been in Orlando,Fl for a while now since i left. I still come back every once in a while to visit. I am currently working 2 jobs and in school for Criminal yea shocking i know…no fiance boyfriend or husband no time! and def no kids yet! lol anyone want to K.I.T hit me up or search my other email on myspace

Name: Bobbi Mcnichol
Class of: 2006
Now living in: back in Pasco
Date: Nov. 16, 2008
Comments: Hey everyone….well i was juss reading through this and no one really seems to write but i decided to post some news about me….My son justyce will be 2 in January and I just added a new addition to the family His name is jayden and he was born april 8th. If anyone wants to kit with me email me!!! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe…

Name: Gerald Buck
Class of: 2006
Now living in: holiday fl
Date: Aug. 18, 2008
Comments: i sill live at home attending spc collge

Name: Linda Silva
Class of: 06
Now living in: North Port, FL
Date: Jul 12, 2008
Comments: Whats goin on?!?!?!? Jst wanted 2 swing thru n say wassup.. hope everyone is doin good w/ their lives.. im back in school for Massage Therapy.. so if anyone wants a massage hit me up.. keep in touch.. pc..

<3 Linda <3

Name: Megan Magowan (Basich)
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Massachusetts
Date: May 18, 2008
Comments: Hey just saying whats up..I’m living up in Mass with my husband enjoying life!

Name: Rodney Robinson
Class of: 2006
Now living in: npr
Date: Apr 9, 2008
Comments: being alumni is wd but cool,its almost been two currently working all the time and going to school.if anyone wants to chat hit me up@myspace url

Name: Carlos ‘Ross’ Martinez
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Orlando, FL
Date: Sep 5, 2007
Comments: Just readin thru and thought id leave a comment.. well im happily married to Olivia Coleman and we live in orlando.. i also have a son on the way. if anyone wants to get in touch just email.

Name: Nichole Hughbanks
Class of: 1999-2007
Now living in: Holiday, FL
Date: Jul 8, 2007


You are invited to celebrate theReunion of Gulf High NJROTC
Classes of 1999-2007


Lt. Raymond Wysocki

August 11, 2007

Father Farrell Hall
St. Vincent de Paul Church
4843 Mile Stretch Dr
Holiday FL

Please RSVP:

We will all be bringing a covered dish to share.

Name: Niki
Class of: ’06
Now living in: NPR
Date: May 28, 2007
Comments: Just droppin by to catch up with everyone. Hope everyone is doing well and youre all rich by now. Hah. KIT… Go Bucs,…. woo. LOL

<3 Niki <3

Name: Felicia corder
Class of: 2006
Now living in: npr
Date: May 24, 2007
Comments: Hey just checking out what ppl have wrote. So alot has changed since highschool, i am no longer with cory that breakup came as such a shock to me but it happen for the best. Well if anyone wants to know more just search me on myspace email-

Name: Alli Thompson
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Jacksonville aka DUUVALLL
Date: Feb 22, 2007
Comments: Hey guys! I’m doing great in my second year here in Jacksonville. I’m keeping in touch with a few people… but most of my closer friends in highschool I don’t talk to anymore. Stephanie Trzesniowski and I were talking about Tammy Roddenberg today… if anyone is in contact with her please let her know I was thinking about her! It’s almost been 2 years guys… weird. Hope all is well for everyone!

Name: Hunter W Dunn
Class of: 2006
Now living in: where ever the Army sends me
Date: Feb. 11, 2007
Comments: Hey everyone..It feels like yesterday was my frist day of High School, but we are outta there now,and hope everyone is doing well..Gulf FOOTBALL RULES!!!#44

Name: bobbi
Class of: 2006
Now living in:
Date: Feb 1, 2007
Comments: hey guys well my son is 2 weeks old today….its great…if anyone wants to get connected my myspace email is hope to hear from some of you

Name: Bobbi Gunderson
Class of: 2006
Now living in: New port richey
Date: Jan 4, 2007
Comments: Hey, it’s so weird being an alumni. I start school on monday at spc other than that things have been pretty calm. Im surprised how fast the time has gone by.

Name: Shane Fisher
Class of: 2006
Now living in: las vegas
Date: Nov 8, 2006
Comments: hey whats up hommies i know u all remember me as a druggy loser but im rich now i do real estate and morgage closing i have 100,000 in the bank so im well thanks for everyone for the support! no one messes with cross country!! whoop whoop

Name: Tiara
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Tampa, Fl
Date: Oct 13, 2006
Comments: Hey wats up gulf high, juss checking out the website. Well i’m doing fine in Tampa, as you all know i’m playing for the Womens Basketball team. Our season starts this Sunday, I cant wait! Well I miss Gulf and I’ll always love yall, Thanks for everything!


Name: Ricky “Faster than duran” Karmann
Class of: 06
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Sep 28, 2006
Comments: Wow…looking back, it seems like just yesterday that i was a freshmen. Everyone should keep in touch! Right now im attending PHCC!! Fun stuff!? anyways “hit me up” on myspace hahaha at oh god i love my url.

Name: Bobbi McNichol
Class of: 2006
Now living in: Hudson
Date: Sep 27, 2006
Comments: hey everyone…so ya its weird that were graduated…im going to school for my early childhood education degree and right in time i guess….i juss found out that i am 4 and a half months pregnant and i go to find out the sex tomorrow! well hope everyone stays safe and all is well…i have a myspace under if u guys wanna look me up see ya..!

Name: Ricky Speedy Duran
Class of: 2006
Now living in: new port richey
Date: Sep 3, 2006
Comments: whats up you all… im going to PHCC… just hit me up at … hope you all are having a great time… peace

Name: felicia
Class of: 2006
Now living in: holiday
Date: Aug 14, 2006
Comments: hey everyone gosh its so weird that were now alumni.. well any ways im not starting school yet i guess i figure take a break who knows. well if anyone wants to talk just email me at

Name: Dan the Man Lee
Class of: 2006
Now living in: H-town
Date: Jun 10, 2006
Comments: What up kids? Whats everybody been up to? Im juss chillin and waitin for PHCC to start. Wow I have no life since I’m the 1st 1 to sign this haha.