Class of 1977

Name: jerry lee baker email
Class of: 1977
Now living in: 1820 shady cove dr holiday fl 34691
Date: Sept. 10, 2015
Comments: looking for classmates of 1977

Name: Bart Young M.D. email
Class of: 1977
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: July 1, 2015
Comments: Wow, 1977 seamed only a few days ago and now were all over the U.S. I graduated from Medical School and worked for the Department of Justice in Jesup Ga, Atlanta Ga. and Tallahassee where I did correctional medicine. My father was in poor health and I moved to Alabama to help him in his clinic until his passing, still hurts and then went to work at Grady Hospital in Atlanta as a consultant in toxicology and am finally back home and working at Tampa General, also toxicology. Would love to hear from my class members and hope everyone is as happy and lucky as I have been. looks like Ed Delzer and I will wind up in a Nursing Home still single.

Hope Springs Eternal
Al my best to everyone,

Name: Thomas Hermansen email
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Palm Harbor
Date: Jan. 6, 2014
Comments: Went to gulf jr.&sr. high as long as I did,I do wish that I could have graduated with you,i had to move.I've seen names that I have not heard in many years. Thank You

Name: Steve Mallardi email
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Tampa, FL
Date: March 16, 2011

Name: Gary Striewski email
Class of: 77
Now living in: Denver, CO
Date: Oct. 18, 2009
Comments: Greetings all,,I came across this site and have to admit that after 30 plus years it was hard to recall names. I attended Gulf Junior and Senior High, although I did not complete my senior year. Was hoping to find Debbie Wesson, Randy Pearson, Joe and Tracy Negrich.

Name: John Cobb
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Houston TX
Date: Jun 10, 2008
Comments: What ever happened to Nancy Woods …?

Army 4 years, Hewlett-Packard 25 years. NJ, DC, Ft. Lauderdale, Lake Keystone, Houston. Selling hi-tech. E.E. degree. Amazed it all worked out great!!

Name: Tammy Thivierge Brown
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Florida, soon to be TN
Date: May 3, 2008
Comments: I have two boys, Matthew 23 and Joshua 22. Matthew is married with one child, my little man, Caden, of course just adorable! My husband, Jerry and I are in the process of making Cookeville, TN our main residence by the end of the month, May 2008 and will go back and forth to Florida and stay in our condo in Gulf Island Beach & Tennis Club. Hope to see ya all soon.

Name: Linda Kendig (Anderson)
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Singapore
Date: Mar 7, 2008
Comments: Greetings from Singapore. After working for Delta Airlines for 20 years, I joined the Boeing Company. I am here in Singapore for 2 years working with my husband Keith, who is also in the aviation field. Our home residence is in McDonough Georgia, right outside of Atlanta. Our son Eric, (25) is still in Georgia. Have lots of room here in Singaore, drop by sometime.

Name: Jane (Smith) Guth
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Demorest, Georgia (northeast)
Date: Sep 27, 2007
Comments: I came across this site and remembered quite a few of the names listed. I married John Guth in 1999 (second marriage for us both). I have two children Andrea Kolesnick Bell (1979) and K.C. Kolesnick (1981), and one grandson, Christian James Bell. John and I have been living in Georgia for 3 years now, love the mountains and the people. I work for a commercial construction company. My dad still lives in New Port Richey as well as two of my brothers and lots of Smith cousins!!!

Name: Ron Marlowe
Class of: 1977
Now living in: New Port Richey, FL
Date: May 6, 2007
Comments: Can you believe it? I’m not sure what got into me, but 30 years later, NPR sucked me back in. My wife and I adopted three kids from Russia who are now 10, 14 and 16. I hate the commute to Tampa every day but I’m glad to be out of South Florida.

Name: Ann (Zwieg) Johnston
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Texas
Date: Mar 27, 2007
Comments: I am looking for Gary Lott who I think graduated in 1976 or 1977. If you know him, please email me or let him know I am looking for him. Thanks.

Name: Heidi Tucker (Dieter)
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Atlanta Georgia
Date: Mar 2, 2007
Comments: Hello Class of ’77

I just heard from Mia and she said there are no plans for a 30 year reunion. What a shame. Well, here is my offer…..Atlanta is a great city, and I have a great party house and neighborhood, so if anyone would like to pass through “Hot ‘Lanta” and get together in West Cobb let me know.

I have a son that is now in college, and it would feel good to get together with folks to confirm how great we look after 30 years. We would love to hear from anyone, I will dig out the year book so I can remember who you are.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Name: Jeff Lord
Class of: 77
Now living in: N.P.R.
Date: Thursday, April 14, 2005
Comments: Just wanted to update my email and to say I’d love to hear from any of my old friends i dont’t get to see. Still married going on 19yrs. Not much into reunions, but i love seeing the pic’s. Anybody ever see Steve Moody or Tom Shaw or any of the old grew, tell them i said Hey and would love to hear from them.

Name: Linda Trudeau (Nichols)
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Port Charlotte, FL
Date: Sunday, January 23, 2005
Comments: It’s nice to see what old classmates are up to. I live here in Florida but also have a home in Tennessee. I am married and we have 4 children–the last one graduating this year! I run the billing office for a diagnostic imaging center.

Name: DianaP
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Out of State
Date: Sunday, January 09, 2005
Comments: There is a new message board/forum for Pasco County, go to

Name: Liz Angelroth
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Chiefland, FL
Date: Saturday, October 02, 2004
Comments: Updating my email address

Name: Robin Lane
Class of: 1977
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Friday, August 06, 2004
Comments: Was messing with the internet and I came across this and what a surprise. Still in good old New Port Richey. Married for 24 years and I have six children and two grandchildren. Would like to hear from some of you. Has anyone heard from Jeanette Harden or Pat Thomas.

Name: Joan (Wilder) Carpenter
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Ocala, Fl
Date: Friday, April 02, 2004
Comments: My son just told me about this site, boy was I shocked to see some names I remember. My son also went to Gulf High. I hope everyone from the past is doing well. Country life is great.

Name: sherry stamback
Class of: 1977
Now living in:
Date: Monday, March 01, 2004
Comments: Looking for 1977 GHS graduate Michael W. DuFaux…tall, handsome guy while a twisted humor and mischevious smile that I miss seeing.

Name: Tammy (Clark) Pumphrey
Class of: 1977
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Class of: 1977
Now living in: SPRINGHILL FL
Date: Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Name: Deborah (Hatcher) McNatt
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Eagle River, Alaska
Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2002
Comments: Hi, this is weird. I was playing around with the web and found this! I feel like I have went back in time. Hello to Kaken Baker! Has anybody seen or heard from Debbie Boone? Please let me know.
Mike and I have been married for almost 24 years. No kids. God knows what he’s doing! Just hairy children, 3 dogs and 1 cat. Having 3 dogs means I’m not in my right mind! We have lived in Alaska since 1985. (Army) Mike served for 22 years, retired and went to work for the U.S.P.S. Both sides of our families are still in Fla.

Name: Michael Snyder
Class of: 1977
Now living in: St.Thomas, Pa
Date: Saturday, August 03, 2002
Comments: Hello to all, I am married to Louise King class of 1978, we have one Son Michael Jr, 15y/o, living in St.Thomas Pa, but looking to move back to Florida in the next year or two. Would love to hear from our friends. An hope to make the next reunion.

Name: Leonard Rothluebber
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Liberty, SC
Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2002
Comments: I joined the Navy right out of school, 7 years I spent. From there it was computer school, that came and went. I married in 84, July to be exact. From Florida I moved in 89 to South Carolina, just for a fact. I live in the upstate with wife, three kids (Levi, 15, Caytee 12, and Rachel, 9), three goats, three dogs, a cat and 4 canaries (who slipped in the odd bird). I work with barcode scanners and computers. Email me sometime, of course I am like the mechanic with his own car, I don’t get on the computer much, but my wife will let me know if I have something. Take Care to all

Name: Lisa Darby
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Longmont, CO
Date: Thursday, April 25, 2002
Comments: Looking forward to the reunion!

Name: Mia (Simpson) Butler
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Ozona, Florida
Date: Thursday, January 24, 2002
Comments: We are planning the 25th reunion for June 28-30, 2002 at the Clearwater Beach Hilton. Please email me with your information (email address and mailing address). We will be getting the invite out within the next month or so. And remember, if you have any other class of 77 graduates info send it along as well. Can’t wait to see you all!! Take care.

Name: Kathy Horan Lennie
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Clermont, FL
Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2002
Comments: Hey GHS 1977! I’m so excited I found this site thanks to Mia Butler, Mia I got your message and can’t wait to get together, I’m having some trouble sending emails so send me another one if you get this… also sent one to Kim Helfrich that I don’t know if she received, hope to hear from you! My husband Bill and I live in Clermont FL and have 2 children Christopher [10] and Caitlyn [6]. My parents still live in holiday and I usually go over ther once a month to help out, let’s do lunch! My next visit will be 2/02/02

Name: Terri Shelton Roberts
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Odessa
Date: Sunday, January 13, 2002
Comments: Hi everyone. Ive been in Tampa and have a 9 year old daughter, work for the phone company for the last 18 years, just moved back to Odessa to be near family.

Name: Karen Baker Horst
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Port Richey
Date: Tuesday, December 04, 2001
Comments: Well, I’ve got 5 kids now, Joey is 22, Josh is in the army and is 20, Mary is attending SPC as a freshman and is 18, Ollie (16) is at Gulf High with his sister Sara (14). Doing well, working for Florida No-Fault… For the most part happy, and proud of all my kids, past and future graduates of Gulf High… Hope to hear from all of you guys and gals!

Name: Linda DuPont Perry
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Rowlett, TX
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2001
Comments: Hello to everyone. I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying life. Drop me a line of update anytime! L

Name: Brian Middaugh
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Land O Lakes, FL
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2001
Comments: Hi to everybody in the class of 1977, etc. Have been an accountant at USF for nearly 17 years now. Married to Gloria, stepson Rolando. Would love to see everyone at a 25th reunion.

Name: Kim Helfrich
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Tampa, Florida
Date: Friday, August 03, 2001
Comments: Hi! I am married and have four children, Nicole (1984), Justin (1987), Hayden (1993) and Charlsey (1994). My husband is Tom Greiwe from Tampa and is an attorney. We are loving life and having a great time together with our crew!!!!! Looking for Patty Deneen and Kathy Horan.

Name: Jeff Lord
Class of: 77
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Wednesday, August 01, 2001
Comments: Just wanted to say Hello to everyone from 77 and all my old friends that i don’t get to see much. Still living in N.P.R. Currently partner’s in a computer networking company, I guess you could say i’m on my 2nd carrer, spent the first 20 yrs. as a service manager for a local appliance co. Married 15yrs. and still spend my free doing what i love most INSHORE FLATS FISHING. Please feel free to e-mail me and say hey.

Name: Elizabeth Angelroth Baillie
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Chiefland, FL
Date: Thursday, July 26, 2001
Comments: Married Waldon Baillie from Class of 1978. Started a little late on the family – we have 2 girls Ashlyn 5 and Mikalya 2. We live the farm life in Chiefland, FL and love it most of the time. Love to hear from anyone.

Name: Joan (Gilbert) Montalvo
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Waterbury, CT
Date: Thursday, July 05, 2001
Comments: Married Julio Montalvo Sr. in August 27, 1992 and have four children. Angilina (DOB 2/4/79), Sara (DOB 12/30/81), Julio Jr (DOB 11/20/82) and Justin (1/4/90). They also have one grandson Alex (DOB 12/1/99, from Sara). Needless to say, we have our hands full. Can be reached via e-mail through my sister Virginia. Hope to hear from ya’ll soon.

Name: Homer Hair
Class of: 1977
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2001
Comments: Hoping we have a 25 yr reunion in 2001. I married Terry McGinnis from class of 1976 so I will be going to her 25 yr reunion in August. We have 2 daughters age 14 and 19. The oldest attends USF. Was accepted to UF but decided to go to USF so she could also do a semester in abroad hopefully Australia. If all goes well we will have a lawyer in the family after she is done. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from anyone. By the way, my wife did this message.

Class of: 1977
Now living in: FT WALTON BEACH, FL
Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Class of: 77
Date: Saturday, April 14, 2001

Name: Mia “Maria Simpson” Butler
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Ozona, Florida
Date: Sunday, April 01, 2001
Comments: Hello everyone… Just came upon this page and think it’s great. Still living in the Palm Harbor area with Bob Butler and my son Shane (14) and Bob’s daughter Sara (14). It’s like having twins (only 10 days apart). We are hoping to put together a 25th reunion next year and would love some suggestions. Would love to have more people there. We had about 60 classmates at 20 year, so it would be nice to get a bigger group together. E-mail me with suggestions. If anyone knows where our “girls” are please let me know or give them my e-mail address. We had a difficult time finding the females with name changes the past few years. Hope to hear from everyone regarding reunion or just to say HI!.

Name: Deanna (McDonald) DeCubellis
Class of: 1977
Now living in: New Port Richey, FL
Date: March 15, 2001
Comments: Hey everybody! How’s life? I married Ed DeCubellis and we have 2 sons, 16 and 19. My oldest attends UF and youngest attends Ridgewood High. I’d love to hear how everyone else is doing.

Name: Mary Jane (Raymond) Helfrich
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Lynchburg, Virginia
Date: March 8, 2001
Comments: Looking forward to hearing from any of you!

Name: Lisa Watson Nessler
Class of: 77
Now living in: New Port Richey
Date: March 3, 2001
Comments: Would love to hear from you!!!!

Name: gail davis
Class of: 1977
Now living in: nj
Date: Oct. 13, 2000
Comments: Anna Zimmerman look under my name in 78 remember all of you gail davis

Name: Anna [Kidney] Zimmermann
Class of: 1977
Now living in: Redfield, NY
Date: July 31, 2000
Comments: Hello, I married Mike Zimmermann, also a 1977 GHS Alumni! We’ve been married for 20yrs. We have 2 boys, Mikey-19 starting his 2nd yr of college, Max-17, starting his senior yr of HS. Takes after his Dad with his wrestling talents! We’ve lived in upstate NY since we married. We love the extreme winters! We get alot of snow living in the snow-belt, it gets dropped from Lake Ontario! The fall is beautiful also. Well, if anyone out there remembers us, drop us a line. I’d like to locate Sallie Standiford-Solie, Linda Lebda-Smith, Mike Maley & Carol Yerke! Bye!

Name: Mike Myrick
From: Merritt Island, FL
Date: 2000-06-03 23:40:10
Comments: I ended up graduating from Hudson in ’77, but recognize several names here from the old days when we were doing double sessions at Gulf High. Just wanted to say hi to the folks I knew who ended up staying at Gulf. Also, compliments to Jeff Miller for a very good website. I’ve been working as an engineer at Kennedy Space Center since graduating from UCF back in ’82. Best wishes to all….

Name: Lisa Darby
From: Boulder, CO
Date: 2000-04-26 03:20:16
Comments: Didn’t see many entries from Class of ’77! Where is everyone? I’m a meteorologist in Boulder, CO. 1 ex, no kids. Happy.

Name: Ginny (Clark) Leason
From: Chandler, Arizona
Date: 2000-04-01 18:51:11
Comments: Hey, is anyone still out there from Class of 77? I have lived out west since 79, married have 2 boys, 19 and 13 years old. Was there a 20th reunion for the Class of 77? Does anyone know where Debbie Galuba or Nancy are? Would like to hear from the old gang. E-Mail me.

Name: Sherry (Kesler) Wright
From: Kimberly, Idaho (near Twin Falls where Evil Kneivel attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon)
Date: 2000-01-02 03:43:06
Comments: I only found one other person that graduated in ’77 when I did, that has signed this book! I was a country music dj for 9 yrs., then married into a family-owned nursery/landscape business, so changed professions. My folks were snowbirds from Minnesota, so every year (from 6th grade till graduation), after Christmas vacation, I would go to school @ Gulf till the end of March, then we’d head back to Minnesota again. (They still spend 1/2 the yr. in NPR) . I was invited to my 20th class reunion there, couldn’t make it, but appreciated the invitation! If there was an information book put together, please let me know, I’d like a copy. I’ve lost track of some good friends of mine, i.e. Sheila Hardy, Katie White & Pat Thomas, so if if you have any info on their whereabouts let me know. I visited NPR over Christmas this year (it’s been like 8 yrs. since I’d been back)…lots of changes!!

Name: Suzanne (Furce) Gendreau
From: Connecticut
Date: 1999-02-24 17:08:48
Comments: Class of ’77…Anyone else from then out there? Would love to hear from D. MacMahon, The Hooglands, R. Fiedler, Shelly(squeaky), or maybe anyone who remembers Ms Weiskopf, Mr. Hicks, Ms Peek, or even Mr. Baugh!