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Leadership Club

Aum Patel’s dad, Rakesh Patel, was present on November 15th for an inspirational and informative presentation on many of the core competencies discussed in Gulf High School’s Leadership Club. An IT for the Pinellas County government and a member of their leadership committee, Mr. Patel shared many of his personal leadership expertise including his definition of a leader, personality styles, and building emotional intelligence. These competencies all serve as a backbone for his successful parenting and work ethic. The Leadership Club co-presidents Aum Patel and Emmanuel Brewer witnessed many students being enlightened by the information Mr. Patel had to offer. This meeting was by far an experience that will never be forgotten by the Leadership Club members. However, this is just the start; the newly discovered Gulf High Leadership Club hopes to have other experienced speakers add more information to what was discussed by Mr. Patel. The club also wants to incorporate more enlightening activities both in and out of school to fulfill their idea of building tomorrow’s leader, today.

Written by Emmanuel Brewer

Schedule for the year

Dec 6th: Ledman – Public Speaking + activities

Dec 20th: Chill, make sure the quizzes that were supposed to be done are done, plan

Jan 10th: same as above

Jan 24th: Aum’s Dad – EI

Feb 7th: Thayanne Arcenio & Mariangela Crocitto – Teamwork
Francesca & Danielle Hu – Giving Recognition

Feb 21st/March 7th or 21st: Dad – Project Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership Models

April 4th: Recap the year and have a good time. Definitely a massive pizza party

Rest of the Year: Good luck with your exams and have a fantastic summer. Seniors, good luck in college & have fun.

Presentations not done this year will be done next year.


Co-Presidents: Aum Patel and Emmanuel Brewer
Vice: Daniel Talanga
Project Manager: Mackenzie Marques
Treasurer: Aakash Panjabi
Secretary: Paulina Jeneralczuk
Historians: Francesca and Brooke