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Add to the bold address prefix. If you’re in charge of a group and wish to use it, please give updated names to Mr. Miller.

GHS_all everyone
GHS_admin K. Davis, Caldwell, Page, DeWalt, Strasser, Moon
GHS_discipline not set up
GHS_english Knauber, Winslow, Evans, Ledman, McCabe, Seltzer, Settle, Fuss, Byers, McClellan, Washington, Wink
GHS_ese Knauber, Richardson, D. Smith, Wink, Serletic, Reynolds, Walicke, P. Reed, Taylor, S. Flores, S. Davis, Byers
GHS_guidance Cotney, Evangelista,  Romano, Johansen, Reed, Burkette
GHS_hca Madeloni, Gabay, Costa, H. Evans, Dale, Butler, McFarlane
GHS_ib C. Rodriguez, , Uchacz, Winslow, Stojanovska, H. Evans, Ledman, Ferry, Weightman, Rice, Gabay, Donaldson, Page, Fuss, Rutherford, LeGrand, Gonzalez, Concilio
GHS_leadership not set up
GHS_literacy Nibert, H. Evans, Ferry, Keesler, Dale, Emerson, J. Sorenson
GHS_math Blatchley, Concilio, Gabay, Green, Miller, Redfield, Stojanovska, Gonzalez, Reynolds, Halley, Fakitsas, Knauber, Byers, Murch
GHS_reading  Nibert,  K. Davis, Keesler, Walicke, Emerson, Dittman, Moon
GHS_scholarship  Uchacz, Ledman, Duncan, McFarlane, Rutherford, Donlon, Diaz, Ferry, Sorenson
GHS_science  Uchacz, Costa, Legrand, Fugate, Dale, Haynes, Stacey, Crist
GHS_socialstudies Madeloni, Ferry, Dixon, Stringer, Rice, Donaldson, Calcagno, Donato
GHS_technology not set up
GHS_testing not set up
GHS_worldlanguages Hajdu, C. Rodriguez, Gabay, Niccolls